Living Room Update

Well, we’re getting there. Mike, Steve and Dave worked all day Saturday stripping the walls, which proved to be a major task! Sunday was spent sanding walls and painting woodwork. This is what the room looked like Sunday morning:

Not exactly lovely! However after a few more hours hard slog we definitely made progess. Skirting boards all painted white (I did this out in the garden and managed to burn my arms and the back of my neck!):


The fireplace is now white and looks so much better, and Steve started getting paint on the walls:


Hopefully Steve will be able to come back next week to finish. We’re already so pleased, the room is so much lighter. I’m off to look at curtains now…….


3 thoughts on “Living Room Update

    • Thanks!! Seriously, the difference is immense – the room was so dark before, and it looks so much bigger now (although that could be because all our stuff’s in the lean-to!). What colour are you guys going for?

      • Um… Lighter? That’s as far as we know. I think we need the style advice of ma taylor. New windows are in and look so much better.

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