Well finally the living room is finished (bar a few minor touches…..and the curtains, which should arrive soon):

It took another whole weekend to finish the painting. I’m glad I wasn’t here when they took the radiator off, I was told there was a slight water leakage issue! Painting the door frames took an age as they were covered in a delightful beige gloss. There was a point when I thought I’d have to learn to love streaky woodwork!

Yesterday, while the husband was off watching Colchester play terribly at Tranmere, I pottered about putting all the bits and bobs back. I have to admit that’s the bit I like the most, making the room look pretty.

I think we have learnt some DIY skills along the way, so the next room (our bedroom) won’t be such a daunting task. Now we just need to replace the sofas (they’re old and knackered), and find a rug to tie the whole room together………


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