It’s Curtains For You!

As promised, here’s the latest on the great living room redecoration project. Curtains:

Curtains 1

Curtains 2

Fabric by Crowsons, found at their shop near Uckfield in Sussex. Reduced from £22 to £8 per metre! They’re not hanging quite right yet, as I didn’t buy enough rings, but they do look lovely – the blue in them matches the colour on the walls perfectly.


Rug 1

Rug 2

My Mum and I found the rug (on sale!) at Collingwood & Batchelor’s, a great independent department store in Horley (where my parents live). The leaf pattern echoes the design of the curtains in a very pleasing way.

Next on the list is a new sofa and sofabed, but I think we’ll wait for the January sales for those. Now, I must go – the Wizard of Oz is on and it requires my undivided attention….


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