The Boudoir

The great redecoration project has moved upstairs, to our bedroom. It was painted a strange mustardy beige and was incredibly dingy, not a very pleasant room to spend much time in.














I knew that it needed a much lighter colour to bring it to life, and duly painted a few bits of lining paper with various shades before settling on Jasmine Shimmer (Dulux Light and Space range).

We spent the whole of last weekend painting! Once we cleared the room and got rid of those hideous plastic-masquerading-as-wood blinds our friends Beatrice and Dan came along to give us a hand (thanks Beatrice and Dan!). We got the first coat on by 6pm on Saturday – I insisted we stop in time for Strictly. Mike and I then powered on through on Sunday, ignoring hangovers and the desire to sit around doing bugger all, and got the second coat done. On Monday Mike finished the painting and moved all the furniture back and I came home to this:
















Unfortunately these pictures don’t really do the room justice – it’s a very soft pink, with white woodwork. We were a bit surprised at how pink it is, as the tester patch was a lot more subtle! But Mike’s manly enough to cope with a pink bedroom. And it is so much lovelier than before, much lighter and it feels more spacious. It also really enhances the curtains – they have a slight shimmer that was really lost before.

The shelves you can see were originally hidden by a door (that whole wall is built-in storage), but it was really hard to get to and they weren’t really used, so we took the door off and painted the shelves. I’m really pleased with the result – it adds an interesting feature and now I can display my wedding shoes (I love them but don’t get much opportunity to wear them these days!) :












We do feel a real sense of achievement as we did this room with no ‘professional’ help, and now have more confidence in our budding DIY skills. It also feels great to have completed the two rooms we spend the most time in before Christmas. I think the bathroom is next on the list…..but it can wait until next year!


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