Ayyyy!! How did it get to be December?!?


Call me mad but I am going to attempt to Blog Every Day in December (idea pinched from Keris at http://www.keris-stainton.com/). So here goes…..

December is upon us and I am not prepared for Christmas at ALL. Yikes. I have bought cards, a tree and some decorations but presents? Nuh huh. Every year I swear I’ll be one of those organized people who pick up presents throughout the year and who have everything sorted by December 1, and every year I fail. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when buying presents, so I end up agonizing over what to buy and getting stressed when I can’t find the Perfect Thing that the recipient will love and cherish forever. I usually love to shop but I can’t summon up any enthusiasm this year. So THANK GOD for Amazon!

Tomorrow will be less Bah Humbug-y I promise……


2 thoughts on “Ayyyy!! How did it get to be December?!?

    • I’ve bought one present now too – but it’s for the work secret Santa (being given out today), so in my view it doesn’t count!

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