Happy Friday – Hic!

Oh ye gods, why did I say I’d do this bloomin’ Blog Every Day December malarkey? I’ve got 50 minutes left of today in which to write something witty and interesting….or not. OK, full disclosure: I may be a teensy bit, a wee leetle bit pished. Christmas drinks at work tumbled into a bottle of Prosecco over pasta in a restaurant basement that quite frankly, smelled of wee. Despite the unlovely fragrance much fun was had by all. Now I’m back home, laptop at the ready and…….pfthhhtpffflippsprftt. So, instead of a well written and thoughtfully considered post, here are some thoughts:

  • My feet hurt (STILL trying to break in shiny patent brogues that I have had for 6 WEEKS!!! But I SHALL conquer them! And, clearly, overuse the exclamation point. !!. And CAPITALS)
  • I need a glass of water
  • How does the Greek restaurant round the corner stay in business when there are never any customers? Seriously, we have been here 5 months and I think I have seen 6 people MAX in there. Is it a front for some shady dealings, I wonder….
  • Damn it woman, get up and get a glass of water already. And some paracetamol while you’re at it.
  • NDubz??????????? I don’t understand. I must be too old.
  • The lights on our tree are pretty.
  • THUNK!! *falls asleep on sofa hope husband comes home soon to rescue laptop from drool*

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