Dear Santa……

Please may I have an iPhone for Christmas?

I promise I have been very good this year………

OK, so I won’t actually get one on Christmas Day as Vodafone won’t start selling them until January, but I’m hoping to receive some contributions to my iPhone fund this Christmas. Why do I want one so much?

  • Apps. Twitter, Ocado, Amazon….all from my ‘phone? Yes please!
  • That design. Shiny 🙂
  • iTunes. My problem with my old iPod was that I kept forgetting to charge it, and thus the battery went kaput. With the iPhone I’d have to keep it charged, as it would be my ‘phone and main access to Twitter, and therefore I’d also be more likely to listen to music too.
  • Apps again – train times, tube updates, footy scores for Mike, receipes, WordPress – meaning I can blog from my ‘phone (you lucky people!).
  • Have I mentioned the shiny?

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