Easy Cheesy Pasta Bake

This is such a lazy, easy recipe but it’s SO GOOD!!  You need:

Approx 250g tube-shaped pasta – I used tortiglione, but macaroni, rigatoni or penne would be fine

1 onion, finely chopped (I used a mini processor)

1 pack cubed pancetta

1 tub cheese sauce (I used Waitrose 4 Cheese pasta sauce – you could make your own, but I’m lazy)

2 large handfuls of grated mozzarella, and 1 large handful grated parmesan

Cook the pasta according to packet instructions. While the pasta is cooking, fry the pancetta in a hot pan – once it starts to colour, add the onion and fry until softened. Remove the pancetta and onion from the heat and set aside.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain and mix with the pancetta and onion. Add the cheese sauce, and half of the grated mozzarella and parmesan. Season with salt and pepper and stir thoroughly. Transfer to an oven proof dish and top with the remaining grated cheese. Pop in the oven (preheated to 180 degrees) and bake for 15 minutes. Then wack under the grill for a final 10 minutes, until the top is golden and bubbling.

Serve with some salad – I made a dressing with 1 part Sacla fiery chili pesto (genius stuf!), 2 parts olive oil, a tiny squeeze of honey and the meerest splish of balsamic vinegar. The chili cuts through the richness of the cheese really well.

A great thing about this is that you can make the pasta ‘n’ cheese mix in advance, then just top with the grated cheese and bake/grill before serving.


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