2010 – yikes!

Well, the new decade has started, so I thought I would take some time to think about all the things that this year may have in store. Some are nice shallow materialistic items, others are BIG HUGE ENORMOUS life changes (hopefully). Here goes:

  1. Within the next 10 days I should possess a new shiny portable telephone contraption…..yes, I have ordered an iPhone 🙂 I’m really hoping I love it as much as I think I’m going to…..
  2. More decorating will be done – next on the list is the bathroom, and I’m hoping that in the spring and summer months we will at least make a start on the garden. It’s currently a fairly ugly space, with rubbish decking and crazy paving, so it will need a lot of work.
  3. More blogging – I’m really glad I did manage to blog every day in December (yay for me!), as it means it’s more of a habit now. And hopefully I won’t run out of things to blog about……
  4. A proper holiday – we’re going to northern Spain, and on the way we’re stopping off to see the Millau viaduct in France: 
  5. Some more excellent telly – as you know I am SO looking forward to Glee starting soon. Mike and I will also finish watching the Wire on dvd and start watching Peep Show (always managed to miss it when it was on). There will be a new series of Outnumbered too – joy!!
  6. Deep sigh…….I have to start exercising more and eating less. I’m fed up of not being able to fit into nice clothes, only being able to shop in a few places. I really love food and cooking, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to find some recipes that will satisfy my taste buds without piling on the pounds. And I do actually enjoy exercise, but got out of the habit when we moved, so I’m going to try and establish a routine over the next few weeks that’s manageable. Plus I really need to be healthy and fit for item 7….
  7. It does feel a bit weird putting this out on the internet, but 2010 is the year Mike and I will start trying to expand our little world of 2 people. I’m hoping that it’s not a difficult process for us but at this point it’s a bit like staring into the abyss – we just don’t know how long it will take. And while I’m really excited to become a mother (I just know Mike will be a great dad), I do feel incredibly nervous every time I think about it. It’s a bit like a part of my brain won’t process the fact that I’m a grown-up now. I conquered it a bit when we bought the house, so I’m hoping that once we actually start ‘trying’ I’ll be a little less freaked out at the prospect of growing a whole new human being.

6 thoughts on “2010 – yikes!

  1. Wow, talk about burying the lede 😉 That last one is a biggie – but I really wish you all the best with it. Amazing to think how your life might be different this time next year… x

  2. Ooh, how exciting! And I know what you mean about being a grown-up. When we were deciding whether or not to start trying (the first time), I told my sister I didn’t feel grown-up enough to have a baby and she said, “You’re probably going to have to just do it anyway, you’re no spring chicken.” Charming.

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