Turning Japanese….

I love Kokeshi dolls:


Hello Kitty:

(via Sanrio)


3 thoughts on “Turning Japanese….

  1. You’re freaking me out now. I love Momiji dolls too. (And Hello Kitty, but doesn’t everyone love Hello Kitty?) (And you’ve seen this, right? http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13283)

    I’m starting to worry I’ve had some sort of episode and you are actually one of my personalities. With its own blog.

    (Oh and keep reading mine because I *might* be giving away some Momiji dolls ove the next few months.)

  2. Hee….that could be a plot for a book 😉 Or a more lighthearted version of that film about the woman with multiple personality disorder (the one with Sally Field in). Unfortunately the link doesn’t work, unless you meant to direct me to a sexy lingerie site…..

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