• I hate peas. They don’t really taste of much, you have to chase them round your plate, they go cold really quickly, and the worst thing? When you find squished pea in the carpet. Yeuchhh!
  • I *have* to sit on the left side of the sofa, and on the left in the back of a car (behind the passenger, NOT the driver). But I can only sleep on the right side of the bed.
  • I don’t iron. Which, I suppose, isn’t THAT weird. But I do think I have a bit of a phobia about irons – to me they are DANGEROUS and vaguely sinister.
  • Spiders don’t bother me, but I completely detest Daddy Long Legs (Legses? Clueless about the plural). I think it’s the noise they make when they touch the wall, and the fact that they FLY STRAIGHT AT ME!!! *shudders* I have to get Mike to put them outside.
  • I used to watch Eastenders, but have now gone off it so violently that if I even hear the theme tune I feel a bit stabby.
  • I never wear green. There’s a superstition from my Mum’s side of the family that green is bad luck, which I don’t really believe but is so embedded in my psyche I just never consider buying green things (other than plants and vegetables, they’re ok apparently).
  • I only like going to the cinema in the afternoon. There’s something about coming out of a dark cinema into the dark of night that is not pleasing to me.
  • I could happily eat Parma ham, straight out of the packet, all day long.

5 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. Ooh, I don’t like peas either. But then I don’t like most veg. I LOVE going to the cinema in the afternoon, especially midweek, especially on my own. I don’t iron either and I rarely wear green – in fact, I avoid it. Not because I think it’s unlucky, I’m just not a fan.

    You can keep your packet of ham, though 😉

  2. See, I love most other veg (except courgettes. Bleurghhh). People think the pea thing is weird because they think they are innocuous. Ha!

    I love matinees, but as I work full time it means we can only go at weekends, and they get booked up with other stuff so it means we hardly ever go to the cinema. Which is bad, as both Mike and I love films. I’m going to try and go more often this year, which may mean relaxing my matinee only stance…..

  3. Yes, you’ll have to relax it I think! It’s dark when you go in and dark when you come out even at 2pm at the moment anyway 😉

    Peas are not innocuous!

    I love the word matinee, btw. I used to think it was pronounced “mateenie” 🙂

    • I’d still have to sit on the left hand side. It doesn’t make any difference if they’re green – it’s perfectly ok to sit in someone else’s green car, or on their green sofa, or drink out of their green mug, I just don’t buy/own green things.

      You think I’m weird – my Mum counts Norbert lorries when we go to France (hi Mum!) 🙂

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