What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals?

Philippe Flop!

*waits for all the laughing to stop*

Terribly sorry. ANYWAY, on to the business of the day (and the reason for the really bad joke). As it was really sunny and relatively warm at the weekend I dug out last summer’s cheapo Accessorize flip flops, and Oh! it was so lovely to be free of socks/tights. Because I basically live in said footwear from May to September they do get completely knackered very quickly, plus, as they’re so flat my feet a) don’t get any support and b) get really filthy (nice!). Last summer I tried to buy a pair of the sequinned Fit Flops but they seemed to be sold out everywhere. So this year I thought I’d get in early, and I am now sporting a pair of these:

First impressions are mostly good (the sole is very comfortable) although I can’t say I’ve felt they’re giving my legs a workout yet. My one complaint so far is that if they’re going to charge £50 for a pair of glorified flip flops, they could at least cover the toe post with the nice suede-y fabric that’s under the sequinned upper. Let’s just say I’m very glad I discovered the genius that is Compeed Blister Stick ……..


2 thoughts on “What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals?

  1. I wore red fit flops all last summer. Srsly, my cellulite blobs shrank to about 1/8 their size!

    I wish they were prettier though.

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