Happy Friday – Della Says: OMG!

Yesterday was the official publication day of lovely Keris’s book Della Says: OMG! Keris is one of my Twitter friends, and I feel very honoured to have been invited to her London launch party tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to meeting her in person for the very first time and getting her to sign my copy (pictured above).

I don’t really post about books, even though I read all the time. Maybe it’s a hangover from an English Literature degree, in that the thought of writing about a book I’ve just read seems like work? Or maybe I’m just lazy? Anyhoo, suffice to say I LOVED this book. Full of believably likeable characters, wit and lots of teenage snogging (it’s YA fiction), and written with such warmth, I almost missed my stop on the train TWICE! I felt a real pang of sadness when I finished reading that I wasn’t going to be spending more time with these characters.

Della’s wrong about piccalilli though…….


5 thoughts on “Happy Friday – Della Says: OMG!

    • I love picalilli! Is delish in a cheese sandwich. Or a ham sandwich. Or with a pork pie. Hungry now.

    • We always have a jar in the fridge, but I get told off for taking all the ‘sauce’ and leaving the ‘lumps’!

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