Happy Friday: Tumbling

I now have a Tumblr, which you can look at here (if you like, no pressure). Another thing that I’ll get the guilts over not updating regularly…..This picture is on it, it’s making me sigh with longing (I’d need an umbrella or parasol though).

(Desire to Inspire)


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday: Tumbling

  1. Yay! Have you added the “share to tumblr” bookmarklet to your – below the address bar area? Makes it SO easy to share l’il snippets from around the internets. The best thing about Tumblr is following different people + reading their posts, though. Off to add you now 🙂

  2. Oh! No, I didn’t even know you could do that *goes off to do it now* How fab. I am a bit dim about of this interwebby stuff – for example I have no idea what RSS means!

  3. That is an amazing picture! Looking at it I can feel the sun gently beating down on me, taste the fruity cocktail I’m sipping and hear the gently lapping of the waves!

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