Happy Friday: holiday snaps (part 1)

Bonjour! and also Hola! I had a gorgeous holiday, and now it’s time to thrill you all with a selection of my holiday snaps.

After a looooong day of travelling (we left my parents’ house at 4am. 4 IN THE MORNING), this was our first stop in France, at a teeny place called Tomirey (sp?) in Burgundy. We had a delicious meal with lots of the local wine, which as it’s basically straight from the vineyard doesn’t contain the same chemicals as a bottle of plonk from the supermarket. This meant no hangover the next morning, which was a good thing 🙂 as we faced another day of driving to get to our next stop, Millau:

Yes, that is one enormous bridge (or viaduct, to use the proper word). This was taken at a viewpoint just outside the town of Millau, where we encountered lots of people paragliding. All my pictures of the paragliders were rubbish, but it did look like great fun – I *think* I’d like to do it, but I would be terrified. Maybe one day.

Driving over the viaduct was quite something, with spectacular views of the valley beneath. We stopped at the nearest aire (French service station), which also had a viewpoint. This one really brought home what a feat of engineering has been accomplished:

Once I had taken a gazillion photos it was back in the car for the last stage of the drive, into Spain. In THEORY this was the shortest section of the trip down. HA HA HA HA. Thanks to 2 separate traffic jams (totalling around 3 hours – with no access to Twitter! I read A LOT) we didn’t get to the apartment in L’Escala until after 8pm. Tired, hungry, the view from the balcony was such a tonic:

Aaaaand RELAX. The sunshine and that blue, blue sky just pushed all the stress of the last few weeks at work out of my body and brain. Holidays are MAGIC.

Part 2 coming soon


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