We took a holiday, took some time to celebrate (holiday snaps, part 2)

Some highlights of our week in Spain:

We went to a village called Criells in search of a restaurant that had been recommended by previous visitors to the apartment. There was no restaurant. But there was a cute dog on a balcony!

Just up the coast from L’Escala is a walled medieval village called Sant Martí d’Empúries, where we had a gorgeous tapas lunch (I had razor clams for the first time and they were delicious, a bit like a cross between mussels and squid), and Mike modelled his new hat and shades:

On the Wednesday we took the train into Barcelona, and travelled round the city on the tourist bus. Hence most of my photos are crap 😦 I do like these ones though:

Although I did like Barcelona, it was my least favourite part of the holiday – I think because it was SO INCREDIBLY HOT (yes, I know, Spain in July *is* hot) that we couldn’t really walk around and get a feel for the city, or see the Gaudi madness up close.

Most evenings were spent enjoying drinks and nibbles on the balcony, watching the sun set over the terracotta tiled roofs and the Pyrenees in the distance:

After 4 days of glorious sunshine the weather ‘came over a bit sad’ (as my Grandma used to say) on the Friday. Mike and I walked to Sant Marti, and as the weather wasn’t great the beaches were mostly deserted:

Lots of paddling leads to this:

So that was our week in Spain. It was GOOD*.

Time for the journey back to Blightly. Our first stop was in the tiny mountain village of Sanhilac in the Ardeche. A slight wrong turn (despite Mum’s brilliant navigating) took us right up the mountain, which was a leeetle hairy. Good old Frida (our trusty Fiesta) took the hairpin bends in her stride, thank goodness – although I did have to shut my eyes at one point! This is the view that greeted us when we found the hotel:

Breathtakingly gorgeous, and a great way to end the holiday (we did have one more stop but I didn’t take any photos on my proper camera there, only iPhone shots of the proprieter’s name – Poope! – and the devil doll lamps for sale, which I have posted on Twitter). Now I have to face work again tomorrow *wails*

*Things that were Not So Good: mean French boys invading the swimming pool – they were bombing on top of people trying to swim, ON PURPOSE (a pox upon them!); my ear infection recurring – thankfully I managed to get antibiotic drops at the pharmacy, but we all had a very woeful morning (sorry Mum, Dad and Mike); Mike losing his South Park hat (see above) on the walk to Sant Marti.


2 thoughts on “We took a holiday, took some time to celebrate (holiday snaps, part 2)

  1. Yet more gorgeous pics! I especially love the evening one.

    I know what you mean about Barcelona, we had similar when we had a couple of days in a French holiday meant for Paris (we hid under big trees ‘cos it was so hot).

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