Autumn attire

So September’s here, bringing with it a pleasing nip in the air and the prospect of crunchy leaves underfoot and the crackle of bonfires in the air (let’s not dwell on the dark evenings and having to put the central heating back on). At this time of year I start to get excited about being able to wear cardigans! and boots! again. Because I’m, ahem, rather ample I do have to put a lot of thought into what I’m going to wear. I want to look zaftig, not hefty. I also have limited shopping options (which is probably a good thing for my bank balance!), hence the dominance of Monsoon in this post.

I’m a classic ‘apple’ shape, and I always used to find buying jeans a problem – if they fit me round the waist and hips they’d be far too baggy in the leg. Not so with these straight leg jeans from Evans – they’re cut so the leg is pretty narrow, and they’ve got enough lycra in that they keep their shape, even after many washes. And they’re cheap. Result!

I don’t pay any attention to the ‘rule’ that larger women should avoid stripes – I love stripey tops and think that as long as they fit well (i.e. not tight and straining over lumpy bits), they can be very flattering. This top from Monsoon has just found its way into my wardrobe:

I’m giving serious thought to getting this trench coat (again from Monsoon) – it’s classic so won’t date:

This cardigan (yes, Monsoon!) is calling my name – so soft and cosy!

Finally, these burnished conker-brown ankle boots from Zara are so gorgeous, I *must* have them:


2 thoughts on “Autumn attire

  1. Oh, LOVE the cardigan. Am still in denial about it being Autumn/Winter (it’s “Indian Summer”!) but ever since I put weight on, I have discovered how wonderful a long baggy cardigan can be. I have one that’s very loose and drape-y that can also be worn as a wrap, and another that’s like a poncho, but open at the front. (Nicer than it sounds.) Both warm, both body-skimming, ergo flattering.

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