Happy Friday: tired lady needs wine


Happy Friday this week does exactly what it says on the tin: OH THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY NOW WHERE IS MY WINE?

Oh, work. WORK. It keeps getting in the way of my blogging *deep sigh*. With the start of term galloping toward me (I work in a university) it’s so busy that I often don’t take a proper lunch break, and when I do I try and get as far away from my computer as possible. Then when I get home the idea of getting out the laptop and typing more than 140 characters is just TOO MUCH.

I have lots of ideas for posts fidgeting around in my brain, but when it comes to trying to write them down my noggin goes “nuh huh”. Plus I’ve just become involved in a new interwebby thing (it’s EXCITING! more news soon), and some of these ideas will probably end up there. But I do love being here, so please bear with me while I scrabble around for my blogging mojo. There may be a few more of these random, let’s-just-start-typing-and-see-how-it-goes posts…….

So, it seems that this post has been my slightly long-winded way of saying Sorry For The Dull Post, Things Will Get More Interesting Soon.

Hey, here’s a picture of some baby otters, enjoy:




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