Happy Friday: Tea Revives You


Sometimes there really is nothing better than a cup of tea. I love this print from the V&A shop and looking at it made me think “Hmmm, what other tea related loveliness can I find?” BEHOLD:

‘Tea For One’ by YumiYumi on Etsy

Tea cup necklace from Winnie World Jewelery on Folksy

I *love* this light by Victoria Robinson. Want!


7 thoughts on “Happy Friday: Tea Revives You

  1. I bought myself the cutest little round cushion from Past Times when I was in Scotland. It has a Union Flag in the middle and the words, “Where there is tea, there is hope.” around the outside.

    I can get away with these things because I live in Switzerland.

  2. Ooh what a lovely post. At one of the Hub conventions, the fabulous Katy Wix (Ianto’s sister in Torchwood : Children of Earth) was wearing a tea cup necklace – we ended up chatting to her for a while about it. Tea is a great common denominator!

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