Happy Friday: remember, remember….

I love bonfire night, not for the actual bonfire, or the guy, or the jacket potatoes, but for the FIREWORKS*. Those glittering explosions against the inky sky are instant happiness for me, making me smile so much my cheeks hurt.  I *am* a bit of a scaredy wuss so we won’t be setting off any in our back garden as I’d be too terrified that one would go off in Mike’s face! There’s no way I’d even think about lighting one myself – I’m a child of the Eighties, I’ve seen the public information films (see also my fear of pylons and railway lines). Instead we’re off to our local display tomorrow night, with friends, and I can’t wait! I feel all skippety just thinking about it.

*Proper fireworks – not pointless bangers that are all noise and no pretty. I’d ban them.



3 thoughts on “Happy Friday: remember, remember….

  1. Oh yeah, I’d never set one off myself (weren’t those 80s public info films TERRIFYING?!) but I love ’em too. Standing by the warmth of the fire, watching pretty fireworks, ooh-ing and ahh-ing, and of course, having a nice jacket potato. And maybe a hot dog. Oh go on then, a burger, too.

  2. And tomato soup! And then a little tot of whisky to warm up after. Lovely 🙂

    I am still scarred by those public info films – they showed them in assembly!

  3. And those “Charlie says” ones about crossing the road — think we saw them at school as well. *shudder*

    It’s a wonder I wasn’t a horribly anxious child. Oh, wait…

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