The first of many posts about our kitchen

So this happened:

The inexpertly erected coving in our kitchen decided to make a bid for freedom a month or so back, so we ended up having to take part of it down. This is the delightful scene currently:

Attractive, isn’t it? The kitchen was always on our list of redecorating projects, but it was fairly low down on that list because of the cost involved. Once that bit of coving came down, however, we had to rethink that list. We could just have put up a new bit of coving and left the rest of the kitchen for later – but then when would we ever get round to doing it? Why not just take this opportunity and do it now? So that’s what we’re going to do. This is how it looks now:

Sorry about the mess. It’s a really good size, but pretty dingy, and when you look at it up close you can see its many flaws. Behold the wonky cupboards:

Recoil from the Tiles of Despair – once cream, some bright spark decided to paint them battleship grey. Yes, really. You can see where the grey’s coming off. Yuck:

Reel at the hideousness of the mottled grey, blue and black worktop (crap picture, I know):

 The plan? Lighter, brighter and no more wonky cupboards! Hopefully once Christmas and January (the month of many birthdays) are over with we’ll be able to get started. In the meantime expect many pictures of kitchens I like, and if you’ve got any advice about doing up a kitchen please do let me know (I have a feeling we’re going to need it!).


2 thoughts on “The first of many posts about our kitchen

  1. That kind of looks like our worktop. Which is NICE. 😉 But oh, the wonky! And painting the tiles grey! Oh dear. Some people take matchy-matchy too far. It does look nice from a distance, though. The recessed lighting is good. But I’m sure you can prettify it!

  2. Thanks Diane. The worktop has a lot more blue in it than shows up in the picture, and I agree that it looks pretty good from a distance. But up close, oh…..

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