Christmas wishlist…..

Wow, November’s hurtling past pretty damn quick! Soon it’ll be time to begin the great Christmas shopathon, which, as long as I don’t leave it to the last minute, should be fairly straightforward I hope. I’ve actually found it pretty hard to think of things that I’d like this year (not normally the case, I assure you!). However, a few items have made their way on to my list…..

These coloured fairy lights from Graham and Green are gorgeous – I already know exactly the right spot for them in the (revamped) kitchen. Cosy slippers  from the White Company (I’ve practically lived in their Inuit booties indoors for the last two years), and this cardigan from Monsoon:

The Penguin Classic clothbound editions of Cranford and Anne of Green Gables I blogged about earlier in the week are also contenders…..actually, now I *really* think about it, my Christmas wishlist is getting longer and longer! What’s on your letter to Santa?


4 thoughts on “Christmas wishlist…..

  1. Ooh, y’know, an iPad. (Hahaha). In the real world, some magazine subscriptions, some cool jewellery, and always my fave present: an Amazon voucher. (Ah, heaven…)

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