New year……same old inability to think of a good post title


*blows fine layer of dust off poor neglected blog* *coughs*

All in all, 2010 was a pretty good year. We bought a car (lovely trusty Frida), did up the garden and took a proper holiday. I got my beloved iPhone and spent  A LOT of time on Twitter, or swearing at Angry Birds. The blogging continued, here and over at TV Canary (let’s just ignore the fact this is the first post here since 2 December). I fell DEEPLY in love with a TV show (Community) and even further in awe at Pixar after seeing Toy Story 3 (A WORK OF STAGGERING, TOWERING GENIUS). We had Christmas here for the first time and I’m proud that I managed to cook roast beef and all the trimmings for 5  people whilst in the grip of a horrid cold. Turns out Champagne is better than Lemsip!

I’m sure I said this 12 months ago, but I don’t do resolutions (I don’t think I know anyone who does). However I have made a few ‘suggestions’ to myself, recorded here in handy bullet points for posterity:

  • Given that hardly any of my clothes fit properly and my tummy now protudes further than my bosom, it might be an idea to do a bit (ok, a lot) more exercise and EAT MORE FRUIT, DAMMIT.
  • Now we have our very own automotive transport, learning to drive would probably be a worthwhile endeavor. *is scared*
  • Meeting lovely internet friends in person in 2010 was great. Do that more.
  • Be less spendy. Saving £££ is fun!
  • When the new kitchen (yes, we’re getting a new kitchen – yippee!) is being installed, I must try not to lose my shit over all the mess and chaos. It will all look lovely when it’s done.
  • Blog more. Just WRITE, don’t waste hours scouring Google images for that perfect picture.

Let’s see how I get on!

I hope you all have a glorious 2011, filled with loveliness and good stuff. I’m off to enjoy my last night of freedom before I return to work tomorrow……



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