happy friday: exciting things

1. Bea, a new online women’s ‘magazine’. If you hop on over there now you will find loads of interesting posts on all sorts of topics, including one from yours truly on what makes a house a home. Keris wrote a lovely post yesterday, remembering the awesome Nora Ephron. Go, check it out! I’ll wait.

2. I’m going to Paris! I’ve been once before, about 4 years ago, for a very hectic day-trip. This time around I’m going for 2 nights (19-21 July), staying in my boss’s brother’s apartment so I only have to pay for the Eurostar and spending money. I can’t wait! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for what I need to see there.

3. The Olympics! And the torch relay! I can’t quite believe that the torch will be coming to Carshalton, but it is, on Monday 23 July. I have booked the day off (which is ideal as I’ll probably need a bit of a rest after Paris), and I’m currently trying to decide where the best spot to watch the relay will be – by the Ponds, which is pretty, or at the end of my road, which is, y’know, at the end of my road…… I’m getting used to people looking at me blankly when I squeal about GETTING TO SEE THE OLYMPIC TORCH OMG FLAIL, but I don’t give a crap. I AM EXCITED, DAMMIT!

4. Mike and I finally started watching Friday Night Lights and I am really looking forward to watching episode 4 tonight. It’s so good! Not feeling the Riggins love, as yet – Coach Taylor is the one for me 😉


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