A month of yoga: week 2

Monday: Vinyasa flow


Let’s talk about sweat, baby.

Slightly better at managing my frustration this week, and more handstand practice that went well. But oh my god, the sweating. The room was hot before the class started, and 30 minutes in I had to turn over my top mat as it was already getting slippery (if this is too much tmi, apologies, there’s more Sweat Talk coming).

You would think that after doing regular yoga for almost 9 months now I’d be sweating less, wouldn’t you? Well, you would be wrong. I have to take 2 towels to every class – one to put at the top of the mat so my hands don’t slip, the other to mop myself with at regular intervals. I’ve got wristbands too (I can’t get on with headbands, too uncomfortable). For a long time I really hated feeling sweaty, which is probably why I avoided doing any exercise for most of my life. Now, I’m trying to be very zen about the perspiration situation, but I do still find it enormously distracting – I’ll be trying to hold Warrior 3, focussing on my dristi point, when I’ll notice sweat dripping into my eye. Nice. Or I’ll be attempting to get into Crow but my arms and legs will be too slippery, so I end up in an undignified heap on the floor. AARGH.

*zen face*

Jillian Michaels of 30 Day Shred fame says that sweat is fear leaving your body (the highlight of my brief attempt at that torture was shouting SHUT UP, JILLIAN at that bit). I’ve no idea what it could be but I am clearly bloody TERRIFIED of something… 😉

Wednesday: Jivamukti followed by De-Stress & Yoga Nidra

I didn’t do any home practice on Tuesday – late home, had to catch up with the Great British Sewing Bee final (Heather? Really?), too lazy – and I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling very stiff. It didn’t ease off during the day – every time I got up from sitting down I felt like an old lady. Hmm, could my body be telling me something? Consequently I approached Jivamukti rather tentatively, but soon I could feel the benefit of all that lovely stretching. Don’t worry, I still took it gently – the last thing I want is a knackered back.

Minor epiphany during side plank – using my core to push my hips up made it much stronger (before, I was sagging at the hips and all my weight was going through the supporting arm, which made it really hard to hold).

Thursday: home practice

Spent a few minutes practising Tree, a pose I struggle with in classes. I have got much better at the physicality of the pose (I can rest my foot on my thigh now, instead of my calf) but holding it is challenging, I think because there are lots of things to be distracted by in class – other students wobbling, the flippin’ SWEATING. More forward bend practice and some twists and I was ready for sleep.

So that’s almost week 2 done. I’m doing a workshop on backbends tomorrow, which I’ll include in next week’s update. Namaste!



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