TWN: Polka dots (and bluebells)

This week’s nail fun – pinky-mocha with gold polka dots. Picture taken in Gordon Square, which is just stunning right now. The bluebells are out too early, though…

I used:

  • Champney’s ‘Mocha’ (I think you can get Champney’s polishes in Sainsbury’s? This was a present. It’s a lovely, useful neutral)
  • Chanel ‘Gold Fiction’ for the polka dots, with Barry M ‘Treasure Chest’ on top on the accent nails
  • The ‘sticky sandwich’ technique (see this post for info)



This week’s nails

Illamasqua in Fragile, for Spring.

Base coat of Orly Bonder, 2 coats of polish, another coat of Orly Bonder then sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash (better than Seche Vite, IMO – doesn’t smell as strong and there’s very little shrinkage at the tips).

(Guest appearance by my lovely Rifle Paper Co telephone message pad – purchased in Paperchase but I’ve since spied them cheaper – grr – in Waterstones)

Trifles likes…

I’m over at Bea today yapping on about my skincare routine, but I forgot to mention in that post my latest thingAveeno Moisurising Cream.

I’ve never really got on with hand cream before, finding most of the ones I’ve tried too greasy or just not every effective. I’m also rubbish at remembering to use it, so no wonder my hands were in a bit of a sandpaper-y state. Since I started using this a few weeks ago, however, they are all smooth and soft. There’s something about the pump bottle that jogs my memory to use it after washing my hands/washing up/coming in from the cold/when I just feel like it, and it sinks in really quickly. This one isn’t specifically for hands – they do make a separate hand cream but I can’t really tell the difference. It’s not exactly cheap, but I only need to use a tiny bit at a time so a bottle should last a good while.

So, there you go. Aveeno Moisturising Cream gets the Trifles thumbs up.