The grand unveiling…….

……of our new kitchen! Before the exciting bit, here’s a reminder of it in its former UNglory:

*drumroll* TA DA!

Pretty gorgeous, innit?

Oh look, an extractor fan light that actually works!

Shelves! That will need dusting….oh.

Cookery book corner! And yes, after all that moaning about the battleship grey tiles of despair in the old kitchen, I have painted the end wall, um, grey. It looks great though, and will look even better once we’ve hung a load of pictures.

Worktop of loveliness and tiles of supreme beauty (that I’ve just realised look a bit wonky in the picture but they’re really not)!


Happy Friday: dream kitchen


Well I’m quite worn out from all that writing yesterday, so here’s a picture of my dream kitchen. God knows when we’ll be able to afford to do anything to our kitchen (highlight: battleship grey tiles), but when we do this will be my inspiration.

Happy Friday: Garden Revamp 2010!


Oh, man, were we left with some ugly crap in our garden. You can see a couple of examples here – please note the utterly hideous crazy paving. UGH.

We are currently trying to make the garden a place we can actually use, instead of looking out of the window and shuddering in horror. Mike and our professional helper Steve spent the other weekend removing the decaying decking and jungle of unattractive plants. The plan was to get rid of the crazy paving with pickaxes and sledgehammers, but we discovered the concrete underneath was too thick for that. Aaargghh!! Honestly, what people were thinking in the 80s I just don’t know: “Oh let’s get rid of that horrid nasty grass that’s kind to kiddie’s knees AND the environment and cover it up with a couple of feet of rock hard concrete. That will look splendid!”

Anyway, this weekend the paving will be vanquished with a PNEUMATIC DRILL (ohpleasegodletitwork) and topsoil will be put down in readiness for some turf. Never having owned a garden before, Mike and I are a bit clueless so my vision is to have lots of pots with green/flowery stuff in, rather than flowerbeds. Here are a few pictures I’ve found for inspiration:

Japanese Maples in pots (source)

Azaleas (source)

Hostas (source


Lots of herbs (source) – I love this idea of using a hanging shoe holder!

A couple of slightly fuzzy pictures of our bathroom (thrilling!)

The time has come to tackle the bathroom. Although it’s in pretty good nick it is rather dark, so we need to find a paint colour that lightens it up without being tragically dull. Unfortunately I don’t think we can stretch to new tiles, so whatever we choose will have to blend well with the existing ones. Here’s what it looks like now (note the pathetically small bathroom cabinet -??? – and the trendy square sink that’s a bugger to clean):

A few of my favourite things – part 2

It’s lame, I know, but I’m stuck for blogging inspiration, so here are some more lovely things from our bedroom.

This dish was my Grandma’s and was given to me by my aunt last year. It’s by Lalique, but it’s a second, so not Antiques Roadshow-esque gasp-worthy valuable. It’s still beautiful though, you can only tell that it’s a second if you look at it really closely. As you can see I use it to store my every day jewellery, and it lives on top of the bureau.

This leather box also belonged to my Grandma. No-one knows where or when she got it, and as she’s no longer with us it will remain a mystery.