Happy Friday

Feeling inexplicably grumpy today, so I’m putting these things here in an effort to cheer myself up:

Caine’s arcade. I’m sure most of you will have seen this by now, but if you haven’t it’s just so lovely – do watch:

{via the entire internet}

Dancing Bucharest, wonderful pictures by Dani Ionita:

{via tumblr}

My new owl print top from Next (so pleasing, I may have to get the navy version too):

 Spring blossom:

The article With Friends Like These in the May issue of Vanity Fair is well worth a read (I rarely buy VF as I find it annoying to read but I made an exception for this):

There, that’s better 🙂


today is your birthday

Today is your birthday we travelled so far we two
So let’s blow out the candles on your cake and we’ll raise a glass or two
And when the sun comes out tomorrow
It’ll be the start of a brand new day
And all that you have wished for I know will come your way

{Surprise, Surprise – Bruce Springsteen}

Happy 40, you xxx

Happy Friday – Della Says: OMG!

Yesterday was the official publication day of lovely Keris’s book Della Says: OMG! Keris is one of my Twitter friends, and I feel very honoured to have been invited to her London launch party tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to meeting her in person for the very first time and getting her to sign my copy (pictured above).

I don’t really post about books, even though I read all the time. Maybe it’s a hangover from an English Literature degree, in that the thought of writing about a book I’ve just read seems like work? Or maybe I’m just lazy? Anyhoo, suffice to say I LOVED this book. Full of believably likeable characters, wit and lots of teenage snogging (it’s YA fiction), and written with such warmth, I almost missed my stop on the train TWICE! I felt a real pang of sadness when I finished reading that I wasn’t going to be spending more time with these characters.

Della’s wrong about piccalilli though…….


Today is my 1 year Twitterversary, so I thought I would celebrate by changing my avatar from the Toy Story little green alien (“Ooooooohhhhhh”) to this (sorry it’s titchy):

It does feel a bit odd ‘revealing myself’ (oo-er missus) after a year, but I have had some lovely comments so I don’t think I’ll be going back to being a cartoon (or a guinea pig dressed as a bee).

This photo was taken 7 years ago when I was bridesmaid to my very good friend Liz. It was such a happy day, hence the massive grin. And it seems appropriate as that what’s on my face when I’m on Twitter – I’ve ‘met’ so many brilliant people who make me smile and yelp with laughter on a daily basis. I really AM addicted 🙂

Lovely People: Jeff Bridges

Everytime I see or read an interview with Jeff Bridges he always comes across as being, well, just utterly lovely. See here and here and here.

He’s been married to Susan Geston (above) for 35 years, and I remember watching him being interviewed on BBC Breakfast a couple of years ago, he was more interested in talking about how much he loves his wife and family (he even showed Bill and Sian pictures!) than whatever film he was in at the time.

I loved him in The Fabulous Baker Boys and The Fisher King, and can’t wait to see Crazy Heart. And, of course, he *is* The DUDE.