Maaaaatttt Daaaamon

Love love love this from Matt Damon’s Reddit AMA (in response to a question about George Clooney’s penchant for pranks):

“He just did one literally last week. I got these giant fruit baskets in the mail from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They had just made jokes at everyone’s expense at the Golden Globes that were really funny. George made up stationary with my name on it, and sent a really wounded letter to Tina and Amy saying my feelings were really hurt, how could they do this, etc. So they sent two fruit baskets. One had a letter with an apology. Another said “If this is part of some Clooney prank, please know that we’re grown-ass comedians, and you have to do a little better to fool us.” So I photographed the letters and emailed them to George with a caption that said “Go fuck yourself.” He’s honestly a child. I can just see his shoulders shaking when he laughs alone in his house.”

Can they please all be in a film together? With Sandra Bullock too, of course. And Paul Rudd.


Happy Friday

Feeling inexplicably grumpy today, so I’m putting these things here in an effort to cheer myself up:

Caine’s arcade. I’m sure most of you will have seen this by now, but if you haven’t it’s just so lovely – do watch:

{via the entire internet}

Dancing Bucharest, wonderful pictures by Dani Ionita:

{via tumblr}

My new owl print top from Next (so pleasing, I may have to get the navy version too):

 Spring blossom:

The article With Friends Like These in the May issue of Vanity Fair is well worth a read (I rarely buy VF as I find it annoying to read but I made an exception for this):

There, that’s better 🙂

happy friday

Stuff I found on “the Twitters” (as Marian Keyes calls it – I’m so happy she’s tweeting 🙂 ):

I give you (via @sarramanning )…..Ninja cats:

I’m a bit obsessed with this picture of Bruce Springsteen (at the Apollo in NYC earlier this month) – he’s 62!!:

via @springsteen

Check out Jenny Colgan’s Storify of scary French children’s books and give thanks for Eric Carle and Beatrix Potter.  

Jon Hamm, via @JuniperJungle ‘s tumblr. Lovely, gorgeous Jon Hamm:

Enjoy your weekend!

the joy of books

I often add tweets with links to video to my Twitter favourites, as it’s annoying to watch video on my phone sometimes (usually because I’m already watching telly). Then I promptly forget all about them… This morning I remembered to check through them and I saw this. If you’ve not seen it please watch it, it’s absolutely ENCHANTING.


{via @sarramanning }

The want list

  • How lovely is Zhao Liping’s cloud lamp? Wish I could actually buy one…. (via swissmiss)
  • I’ve long wanted to go to Sweden, and now I really really want to stay in one of the Treehotel rooms there. Imagine it – “Where are you going on holiday?” *nonchalantly* “Oh, I’m going to stay in a UFO up a tree”. Look!





  • Mulberry Taylor satchel – I think if they’ve named something after me it’s only right they give me a free one. No? *sigh*